Terms and Conditions

Refunds and cancellation …

ACE flight will be happy to refund gift vouchers to the purchaser
(not the recipient) within 7 days of purchase. There will however be a 15% administration charge.

If you wish to cancel or rearrange a booking  please give as much notice as possible

If  ACE flight have to cancel your flight due to weather or technical reasons with the aircraft, we will do our best to give you as much notice as possible and  the chance to rebook for another convenient date.

Gift vouchers …

Gift vouchers will be sent when ACE flight has received full payment for the flight chosen. A date and time does not have to be booked prior to receiving a gift voucher.

ACE flight will require the name of the recipient to be printed/written on the voucher, if a time and date has been booked conformation of this will also be printed on the voucher.

Gift vouchers will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
Gift vouchers must be brought with you on the day of the flight (no voucher no flight).                                                                    


Light aircraft flying is by its very nature inherently dangerous and holds far more risk than commercial flying and contrary to popular misconceptions holds more risk than perceived ‘dangerous sports’ such as skydiving .parachuting and bungee jumping.By accepting to fly you accept this risk.Please listen carefully to your safety brief and please do not take offence if we have to remind you or your ‘audience’ to keep children and pets under control.

Height, weight and age …

For safety and operational reasons there are some restrictions on age, height and weight
 Therefore people wishing to fly must be older than 8 with parental/guardian approval.there is no upper age limit

The safety harness on the plane must also fit correctly and this can only be checked on the day of the flight.

 children must be able to see out of the cockpit and reach the controls, they must also be able to fully understand safety instructions given to them by the pilot on the ground and the in the air. This will be up to the pilot to decide.

Fitness to fly …

You do not need a medical to fly but you do need to be in relatively good health, if you have any medical conditions or concerns about this speak to your doctor.

People wishing to fly must also be capable of getting in and out of the aeroplane with the help of the pilot, if you have any concerns or questions about this please speck to us before booking and we will do are best to accommodate your needs.As with all flying your captain has the final say on whether you are fit to fly so strictly no pre flight drinks !!

Our pilots …

 ACE flight pilots hold Civil Aviation Authority commercial and instructor ratings. With a wide range of differing experience.

They are all certified by the CAA and all stay current with the appropriate checkouts and renewals of their licences by an independent CAA examiner.

Insurance …

ACE flight is covered by £1,000,000 legal liability insurance, this covers the flight and third parties in the air or on the ground (but not in ACE flights building).

If this is not adequate more insurance can be arranged, please call for details.

Weather …

As with many other outdoor sports, vintage aircraft flying is weather dependant and the aircraft has certain safety restrictions.Please call us the morning of your flight to get an update. If your flight is cancelled , delayed or cut short due to weather conditions we are aware of how annoying this can be, but  please remember that this is because your safety and well-being is paramount.

In the event your flight is cancelled  you will be given the opportunity to rebook for another day. That will also remain subject to weather conditions on the day.

Clothes …

With your flight, overalls, a flying jacket, goggles, helmet and headset are all provided. We ask that you wear suitable outdoor shoes (trainers or walking boots are ideal or any other soft soled shoes). You may also wish to bring gloves for added comfort.